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12-month SEO plan

12-Month SEO Plan

Full Year SEO Blueprint & Roadmap

A single click in the vast online realm can unlock boundless opportunities. While you read these words, your business might appear distant from that vital click. However, with Leadiser's 12-Month SEO Project Planning, it's not just within reach; it's virtually knocking at your door.

What is the 12-Month SEO Strategy Plan? 💎

Our 12-Month SEO Plan is a digital SEO treasure map, a meticulously crafted guide to navigating the intricate terrain of the online world. It’s a journey map, ensuring that every step you take leads to meaningful results

The comprehensive full year SEO blueprint designed to cover every aspect of SEO from processes and procedures to detailed workflows, all tailored to your business’s specific needs.

SEO consultancy

Keyword research

Search intent assessment

SEO audit

Technical SEO

Off-site SEO

Penalty recovery

On-page SEO

Link building

SEO training

Content outline


Content marketing

Strategy planning

SEO project management

Task delegation

SEO Services at a Glance


SEO-only Services


Customer satisfaction


Years of experience


Support & Tracking

Here's what our 12-Month SEO Plan includes:

The custom annual SEO framework helps you gain clarity, set achievable goals, and have clear answers to essential questions at every step of your SEO journey. It equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate and respond to both positive and negative events.

  • 300+ Hours of Work: We invest extensive time to create a comprehensive and effective SEO plan.
  • Project Management Board: All tasks, including recurring and conditional ones, are systematically organised and assigned to the right team member, leaving no room for oversight.
  • Custom Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): We provide a library of SOPs tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring seamless task execution.
  • Workflow Charts: Visual guides that clearly delineate step-by-step processes, providing a straightforward roadmap for knowing how to respond in various scenarios.
  • Well-Documented SEO Guidelines: Detailed documents that eliminate any ambiguity.
  • SEO Training Videos: Access to both business-specific and generic training videos to empower your team with the necessary knowledge.
  • Understanding Your Business Meetings: Collaborative sessions that help us fine-tune the plan to align perfectly with your business objectives.
  • Consultation: We offer both preset and on-demand consultations during the planning phase, providing expert guidance precisely when you need it.
  • Monthly Tracking: We continuously monitor your progress, offering insights and guidance to keep you on the right path.
  • 10 Hours of Free SEO Consultancy: To ensure a successful start, we provide additional hours of free consultancy.

Who is the plan for? 🦄

The 12-Month SEO Plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of startups with a primary focus on FinTech, SaaS, B2C, and eCommerce enterprises.

For new, struggling, or established startups, our SEO treasure map ensures SERP success.


Your SEO Blueprint: Timeline & Milestones

It’s crucial to understand the methodology that underpins the creation of your customised SEO roadmap. 

Before we initiate the planning phase and formalise our contract, we’ll ensure that you have all the comprehensive details. This will include a deep dive into the methodology that forms the foundation of your personalised SEO roadmap.

You’ll receive a detailed timeline and milestone overview, granting you valuable insights into the approach we follow when creating an SEO strategy perfectly aligned with your business.

Snapshot of Notion board illustrating the SEO Roadmap