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Gradual Homeownership SEO Case Study

Explore how a fintech startup achieved extraordinary results in just 12 months.



RUUF is a dynamic fintech startup, revolutionising the world of gradual homeownership. They provide innovative solutions for aspiring homeowners who face challenges with traditional mortgage loans.

Explore how a fintech startup achieved extraordinary results.

RUUF SEO Overview



Monthly Traffic


Traffic Growth


Keyword Growth


Monthly Conversion

Project Overview

This is a 15-month-old project that started from scratch, with monthly traffic of ~20 visitors, primarily from branded keywords.  

In the initial 3 months, we focused on planning the SEO strategy for the next 12 months, aligning it with the client’s expectations and corporate identity, and implementing essential technical SEO aspects.

Our approach centred on entity-based semantic SEO, maintaining a user-centric focus throughout the project. We continually improved technical aspects while primarily revolving our campaign around keyword research, intent assessment, and understanding user demands.

Google Search Console (GSC) data was a valuable resource, aiding us in extending and updating content, which, in turn, boosted conversions significantly.

An important note is that this campaign operated on a limited budget, affecting the progress pace. Notably, we did not initiate a link-building phase, and all the results achieved were solely based on best practices and a deep understanding of user and search engine requirements. 

We remained vigilant to search engine guidelines (e.g. Google Quality Evaluator Guidelines).

Ahrefs Data for RUUF
Ahrefs Data for RUUF

Not a single link was bought, aligning with our white-hat SEO-only strategy. Consequently, our DR remains at 1, just as it was at the beginning of the project. However, our traffic experienced exponential growth, all thanks to the power of semantic SEO and our establishment of topical authority.

SEO Strategy

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Low Visibility: When RUUF embarked on its SEO journey, they were met with the challenge of low visibility, with only 20 monthly visitors, mainly from branded keywords. 

This was compounded by the fact that the website had existed for about 6 months with minimal SEO efforts invested.

Educational Hurdle: Introducing the concept of gradual homeownership to a market entrenched in traditional mortgage models posed a unique challenge.

RUUF was the first and the only player in the market offering this innovative approach. As a result, there was virtually no existing search demand for gradual homeownership, as potential customers were unaware of this option when purchasing a home.

This educational void needed to be addressed to build awareness and trust among the target audience.

Semrush Data for RUUF
Semrush Data for RUUF


Technical Overhaul: The website required comprehensive technical SEO enhancements, including schema markup implementation and user experience improvements.

Content Relevance: Identifying user intent and crafting content that resonated with potential customers, especially regarding the novel concept of gradual homeownership.

Conversion Optimisation: Converting visitors into customers necessitated a nuanced understanding of user needs and behaviours.

Educational Content: Creating content effectively communicates the advantages of gradual homeownership compared to traditional schemes.

Limited Budget: RUUF operated on a limited budget, necessitating maximising SEO impact while facing constraints in various areas, including sourcing expert writers, limited developer team hours, and restricted SEO consultancy hours.

Competitive Market: The fintech industry is known for its tough competition, which can be challenging for newcomers trying to get started.

YMYL Niche Challenge: RUUF’s positioning in a YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) niche brought added complexities, demanding rigorous efforts in building Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T), far beyond what’s typical in other niches.

Featured snippet for "How to get a mortgage" query (translated)
Featured snippet for “How to get a mortgage” query (translated)

SEO Strategy & Solutions

Entity-Based Semantic SEO: An entity-based semantic SEO approach was adopted, recognising that modern search engines, like Google, prioritise context over keywords.

Establishing Topical Authority: Alongside entity-based SEO, we prioritised the development of topical authority. By crafting in-depth, user-centric content focused on homeownership, we positioned RUUF as a trusted source in the industry.

Tangential SEO: Leveraging tangential search engine optimization strategies to expand the reach and impact of RUUF’s online presence.

User-Centric Content: Content strategies focused on addressing user intent, solving problems, and providing value, particularly in educating the audience about gradual ownership.

Technical Excellence: We conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit, implementing enhancements such as schema markups, site speed optimisations and mobile responsiveness improvements to ensure alignment with industry best practices.

On-Page Optimisation: We fine-tuned on-page elements, including headings and content structure, to maximise the relevance and visibility of our pages.

Conversion-Oriented CTAs: Call-to-actions aligned with user needs, boosting conversion rates by a range of ~200% to ~300%, driving tangible results.

Featured snippet for "How to buy a home" query (translated)
Featured snippet for “How to buy a home” query (translated)

Note: Results were achieved solely through ethical and white-hat SEO practices. We haven’t started the link-building phase yet on this project.

Results & Outcome

  • Keyword Rankings: An astounding 7390% increase in first-page keyword rankings, from 11 to 867, within 12 months.
  • Top 3 Keywords: At the campaign’s inception, we held a top 3 position in Google rankings for a single branded keyword. Over the course of 15 months, we expanded our reach to achieve top 3 positions for a remarkable 325 keywords. Notably, we claimed the coveted first position for critical high-volume phrases such as ‘how to buy a home‘ and ‘how to get a mortgage‘. These strategic rankings enabled us to introduce our products to individuals exploring home purchases with mortgages, many of whom were unaware of our offerings.
  • Total Keywords Ranked: Expansion from 217 to 6,156 keywords, demonstrating comprehensive industry coverage within 12 months.
  • Conversion Surge: Transforming from zero to over 250 monthly conversions within 12 months, showcasing the power of a user-focused approach.
  • Traffic Explosion: Monthly traffic skyrocketed from 0 to 1,250 in 3 months (planning and initial implementation phase) and from there to over 35,000 in 12 months, marking an impressive 2700% increase.
  • SERP Dominance: Acquiring 1092 SERP features, ~80% of which are featured snippets, solidifying RUUF’s authority and educating potential customers about gradual ownership.
Google Search Console Data for RUUF
Google Search Console Data for RUUF

RUUF’s SEO success story underscores the transformative potential of strategic SEO in the dynamic world of fintech.

With a 2700% surge in traffic867 first-page keyword rankings, and a pioneering role in introducing gradual homeownership, RUUF’s journey exemplifies innovation and perseverance.

Overcoming budget constraints, fierce competition, and the challenge of educating their audience in a YMYL niche, RUUF’s commitment to ethical SEO, user-focused content, and technical excellence led to remarkable conversions and SERP dominance.

RUUF’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of SEO when aligned with vision and dedication, offering a roadmap for newcomers in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

For more success stories and insights, explore our case studies to learn how we can help you thrive in the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

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