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Live SEO Case Study

Home & Decor Business SEO Case Study

A real-time, live case study of us taking a brand new home & decor business website and getting great results.



We intend to share the ongoing progress of an existing client operating in the home & decor business category (highly competitive).

Updates will be in real-time, likely through weekly updates. However, we will refrain from disclosing the website until it reaches a milestone of:

📈 Receiving 1000 daily clicks.



Keywords ranked so far


Top 3 Keywords


Clicks so far


Impressions so far

Project Overview

In this live SEO case study, we will dive into the journey of a home and decor business that initiated its SEO efforts just one month ago. We will provide weekly updates on SEO strategies implemented and monthly updates on the results achieved.

Ahrefs Data for Home & Decor Business
Ahrefs Data for Home & Decor Business

Before diving into the details, here’s a glimpse of the strategies and insights guiding our SEO efforts:

  • A primary focus on white-hat strategies, aligning closely with Google Quality Evaluator Guidelines.
  • Leveraging entity-based semantic SEO and tangential SEO practices.
  • Targeting a diverse audience: the entire UK and local visitors from key cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham.
  • A content creation strategy encompassing keyword research, search intent analysis, and entity assessments.
  • Prioritising user-centric content with expert input and rich visual elements.
  • An ambitious goal is to establish topical authority in the industry.
SEO Strategy

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Problems & Challenges

  • No Prior Digital Visibility: Given that the website and brand are just a month old, they had no prior digital visibility, which is a natural starting point for a brand-building and SEO journey.
  • Highly Competitive Niche: The home and decor industry in the UK is saturated with strong competitors, including high-street brands and authoritative websites.
  • Nationwide & Local Targeting: Our primary audience includes UK nationwide customers, specifically focusing on major cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. The business is located in London.
  • Exact Match Domain (EMD) Transition: The project began with an Exact Match Domain (EMD), which is currently recognised as a “thing” in the knowledge graph. We aim to transition it into a recognised “business” entity type.
  • Content & Visual Content: The nature of the business requires a significant amount of visual content. This presents challenges in optimising for SEO while meeting user intent.

SEO Strategy & Solutions

Our SEO strategy is centred around entity-based semantic SEO and tangential SEO practices. We have a phased approach in place: 

Month #1 Focus:

  • Launched core business pages such as the homepage, about us, contact us, and privacy policy.
  • Introduced seven content pages, each meticulously crafted by professional content writers and reviewed by experts.
  • Implemented structured data markup following the vocabulary in JSON-LD format.
  • Adopted a semantic publishing approach to improve information accessibility for search engines.
  • Conducted thorough keyword research, search intent analysis, and entity assessments to create content outlines.

We aim to establish topical authority within the industry, with a particular emphasis on being the first to cover specific topics that remain unexplored by competitors.

Results & Outcome

While understanding that SEO is an ongoing process, we are already observing promising results:

  • We currently rank for 88+ keywords, some of which are high-volume and highly competitive according to Ahrefs (53 according to Semrush and 239 according to Google Search Console).
  • Our top 3 keyword positions have improved.
  • We have secured a SERPs feature in under a month, which can be attributed to our effective tangential SEO practices.
  • Our progress shows steady growth, with 67 clicks and 2.41k views in the first 28 days.
  • Day 40 update: 79 clicks & 5.16k views.
Google Search Console Data for Home & Decor Business
Google Search Console Data for Home & Decor Business

Month #1 Results:

In the first month of the project, we have made significant progress:

  • Successfully launched core business pages.
  • Added seven content-rich pages with a strong focus on service offerings.
  • Implemented structured data markup with vocabulary in JSON-LD format.
  • Utilised the Entities Checker tool for entities GAP analysis to enhance our content’s semantic relevance.
  • Initiated the transformation of the EMD into a recognised “business” entity type within the knowledge graph.
  • Conducted extensive keyword research, search intent assessments, and entity analyses.

Our primary objective during this initial phase is to plan to establish topical authority within the industry, particularly by being the first to cover specific topics that remain untouched by competitors.

Semrush Data for Home & Decor Business
Semrush Data for Home & Decor Business

As we progress in this SEO journey, we remain committed to regularly updating our strategies, challenges, and achievements. Our ultimate goal is to establish our client’s home and decor business as an authoritative source in the industry, nationally and locally.

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[Note: Throughout this case study, we will maintain complete transparency, regularly sharing our strategies and progress and adapting our approach to achieve the best results.]

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